Does the Internet Get A Hold on Us?


We can never deny how much the internet influence our lives today. SEO NZ has become one of the greatest achievements of the world wide web as it occupies a large area of the internet contents today. Whatever sight you may click, you are well greeted with SEOs and most of the time we are caught unaware.


In fact, we must be thankful how SEOs have occupied the internet today. As the technology modernizes each day, we have the means to take the internet wherever we go. We cannot even imagine this scenario perhaps if we turn back time by twenty years. Yes, a lot of things changed and the way we interact with internet also changed, a lot. More and more people prove that they get too attached to the internet and even admit that they have become independent with using the internet. From searching what type of dress to wear in certain occasion to what drink should we drink to be able to lose weight, the internet can have a say that it has already controlled our lives. Internet can be very useful indeed when we only made use of it in a proper way. However, when it is misused, it can ruin almost everything in its way, even our relationships. But, we never want to allow it to reach that far. We always make sure we have put a limit on how much internet we use in a day to make time for more important things. At the bottom line, what can really help us is a determination to regulate our habits in using our gadgets. We never want to allow it to take over our lives. 


Always See the Glass Half Full


When it comes to opening the business in any time now, I often think not only about how the business can do inside my country. I often broaden my expectation and often end up imagining I manage shipping containers for sale NZ as if I already have a big business out there. It is of course very important to be optimistic about the possibilities when opening up a business.


I always tend to be creative with what kind of business I am going to put up. I also like to dream big about it, like expanding the business not only nationwide but internationally. Well, it may sound absurd but that is how positive I am with my dreams. When I was a child, I already see myself as a professional entrepreneur, committing myself to both big and small businesses. Others might shy away with the idea of being positive all the time. But seeing the glass half full than half empty might give you more advantage with someone who has every penny for finance yet very pessimistic of every good thing that could happen. There is nothing wrong with worrying if the business could ever prosper, but being too anxious can also suppress every good thing that could happen.


When starting business, always start with thinking big for it. When you are enthusiastic about it at the very start, it could help you attract all the good possibilities that could happen. Never look at the glass half empty. Always expect for every good possibility that could happen.



The Role of CRM Software in Planning Business Expansion

I want to turn my attention back to more serious topics this week and delve into some of what I've been working on lately in terms of business expansion for 2017. Specifically, I want to talk about the role a good CRM strategy and software plays in building rapid business growth.

CRM software can really make or break your business growth goals. With the wrong software (or, worse, no software) you're effectively operating with a leaky bucket when it comes to sales. You won't convert as much as you could and you won't get the same lifetime customer value as you may otherwise achieve.

The key here is to find the software that works for you and your team. Every team is different, and there's no one size fits all. Try out a bunch of different softwares on trial and go with the one that provides the best fit.

Trip Planning, Continued

The planning for the next trip continues, but there's been a bit of a difficulty - my car has broken down and I don't have time to find a new one before I'm scheduled to leave, so I'm going to complete the trip in a rental car.

I'm in Christchurch at the moment and have been browsing Car Rental Christchurch to see what the best option might be. I've found the site incredibly useful and would recommend it to anyone - there's information of a variety of rental car companies, and some very handy information for getting free rental return vehicles. My plan right now is to get hold of one of these relocation rentals and drive it from Christchurch to Auckland, which shouldn't be too difficult to find as plenty of them come up. I'm just waiting for one that offers the right number of free days.

Planning the Next NZ Road Adventure

I am taking some time off at the moment to plan my next New Zealand travel adventure, which will take me all the way around the coastline experiencing some of NZ's most fantastic beaches and coastal scenery. I've decided to attempt to keep working remotely as I do this, and I am currently learning the fundamentals of this after having joined a digital nomad forum which explains how one can do a variety of online tasks for money. I will keep a record of how this goes while I'm on the road. I need to sort out a few essentials, such as a mobile wifi stick and a more lightweight laptop, but apart from that I'm excited for the trip and am enjoying the planning so far.

Managing Retirement Rental Property Investment

As mentioned in the last post, property can be an excellent way to keep yourself in the lifestyle to which you've become accustomed as you age.

However, owning property as you get older has its challenges - maintaining and managing it yourself becomes more and more difficult.

This is where an effective property management company can be worth its weight in gold. I recommend checking out Metropolis Property Managers if you're currently on the look out for something along these lines - they are very professional and are affiliated with Propellor, which I linked to in the previous post.

Planning for Retirement with Property Investment

One of the most important aspects of planning your financial life is preparing your long term finances for retirement. There are various vehicles for investing for retirement in New Zealand, but one of the most favoured is property.

There are many reasons for this. The strong capital gains growth of Auckland property investment over the last 20 years has allowed investors to massively grow their portfolios with relatively little risk.

However, even without investing for capital gains, property is attractive for the rental income it can produce over the long run in the form of passive income. Many retired investors also like the physical attribute of property - it feels more stable and reliable than deposits in an account or numbers on a screen.

Planning a Business Premises Open to the Public

Today I want to offer a few considerations to take into account when planning a premises that will be open to the public.

When it comes to managing offices and premises for staff, there are many considerations to take into account - but this is nothing compared to what you need to take care of when opening a customer-facing premises.

For starters, think about renovations and the image your premises presents to customers - this is all part of your brand. Everything down to the paint on the walls can have a significant impact on the performance of the premises and ultimately on sales. (A service like RockSolid render repairs Gold Coast can help you out with that.)

Remember as well that pest control can be a massive issue, especially for food service businesses where this can impact your health and safety rating and thereby the popularity of the outlet. Always make sure you're keeping this issue under strict control. For a good example of commercial pest control Auckland check out GoPest.