Safety Guidelines When it Comes to Car Rentals

Epic car rentals Kerikeri airport is to be recommended for those tourists looking to avoid the delays of public transportation in the winter weather this February.

While car hire from Whangarei airport may provide flexibility and freedom to drive, it is important for drivers of rental cars, particularly tourists not used to winter conditions, to take care on the roads.

In Whangarei, tourists may not be used to the adverse conditions which can include snow, sleet, hail, ice and high winds. Such conditions are generally not as good in rural areas, compared with urban areas, such as Whangarei airport city itself and other towns, which will usually have clearer roads which may have been gritted to avoid ice forming.

Many tourists will choose to take their hire car around Whangarei airport rural areas or may look to travel to nearby popular locations such as the Whangarei airport Centre, many of which are accessible with low-cost car car rentals Whangarei airport.

In winter weather there are various ways to be prepared in advance. Below are some general tips for those looking to car rentals Whangarei airport in winter weather to have the freedom to drive and avoid public transportation delays:
Check weather forecasts from Whangarei news or weather sources in advance of your journey, particularly for any potential road closures.

Know where you are going in and around Whangarei airport satellite navigation in your hire car can help with this.

Always wear your seatbelt in your hire car and ensure that your passengers are safe.

Drive within the speed limits on the roads and don't break too sharply.

With snow on the hills around Whangarei airport, the views can be stunning, but make sure you keep your eyes on the roads at all times.

When there are high winds, large vehicles including lorries are potentially hazardous it is best to drive your hire car at a safe distance from such vehicles.

Don't drive too close to other cars stopping distances increase greatly in winter conditions. Drive according to road conditions. With poor visibility, make sure you turn your car lights on to ensure you are seen by all other drivers on the roads.

These are some of the best general tips to consider when driving your hire car from Whangarei airport in possible wintery conditions. For more information on safety considerations when driving cars in Whangarei, the Highway Code should be consulted.